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Sophisticated technology for quality and sales increase

Sophisticated technology for quality and sales increase

Trailer engineering service and manufacturing technology

Proficient counselling and consulting in production planning for trailer fabrication and its automation. We manufacture a wide range of devices and systems technology for the production of trailers (semitrailers, dumpers and heavy trailers, etc.). Among others, we offer products and services for the following fields of applications:

  • Longitudinal beam welding machinery
  • Lifting and rotating devices (up to 20 to)
  • Fixtures and clamping devices for chassis assembly and various welding applications
  • Integration and automatisation of welding systems
  • Delivery of parts and components for chassis
  • Crane lifting beams (up to 30 to)

We realize projects and carry out entire production implementation directly at your site.

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Trailer development

Designwork & Product development for various industrial trailer and tank applications.



Welding Machines

Welding solutions & Manipulators (heavy-duty rotating devices) for:

  • Trailer
  • Dump trucks
  • Tanker
  • I-Beam
  • Pipe systems
  • Component Manufacturing
    (Steel & stainless steel for engineering and building industry)